CORPUS CRIOLLA – the Production

Join us on a journey through creolization of Curaçao, where Creolization has given birth to a…

While you’re here – Tanten bo t’aki

In 2022 Faizah got invited by Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater to choreograph for the Here We Live…

Voelen in Begrenzing

“Voelen in Begrenzing” is a dance performance created for and with the 14 dancers of Docent Dans 4…

When silence was abrupt

“When silence was abrupt” explores the physical embodiment of 2 souls at loss for words because of…

Skin Deep

This summer the opportunity came for KIP Republic to be part of the phenomenal Amsterdam Museum…


In August 2019 Faizah created a new choreography for the Mexican dance company “Taller…


“CORNERED” is a physical experience of two bodies encountering each other within a space and within…

The Coat

  A duet created for Diego Vázquez and myself for Laleget Danza, was presented in Soest at…

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About Faizah

Faizah Grootens

Faizah is a freelance choreographer collaborating with Korzo theater, Holland Dance Festival, KIP Republic, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Laleget Danza, Taller Coreográfico Unam, Harlekijn danstheater, Herman van Veen Arts Center and the University of The Arts in Amsterdam amongst others. Faizah also sets up her own creations/ projects. Her work has been presented in festivals, in theaters and Museums in Europe (Kalamata Dance Festival, Oriente Occidente, Chorea International Dance Festival, Amsterdam Museum, Tropenmuseum and in various theaters in The Netherlands) Cuba, Mexico (Palacio de Bellas Artes, Sala Miguel Covarrubias among others), New York, Curaçao, and Aruba.

In 2023 Faizah was awarded the Leo Spreksel Award. Leo Spreksel: 

“Faizah is een choreograaf pur sang. […] Faizah choreografeert met het lichaam als grote inspiratiebron en gaat daarbij te werk als een beeldhouwer. Door te elimineren en weg te laten blijft een zuivere lijn over. Die sculpturale helderheid wordt echter nooit voorspelbaar, omdat haar intuïtie en haar Caribische roots de bron vormen voor de kenmerkende flow in haar werk. Daarmee heeft haar werk een eigen signatuur die een belofte is voor de toekomst.” 

Her professional experience as a dancer includes working with several companies such as Laleget Danza, Maurice Causey, Nationale Opera en Ballet/ Itzik Galili, GrossDanceCompany, Symphonic Cinema, Another Kind of Blue, Generale Oost/ Introdans, Harlekijn Danstheater, Stichting Julius Leeft, Miguel Rubio and Sine Forma presenting in theaters in the Netherlands and abroad.

Faizah has worked as a dance teacher at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten teaching Contemporary Dance, Ballet and as a coach for Artictic Practices. She has also taught the Arts and Entertainment College Amsterdam, various schools in the Netherlands and at the University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba. Faizah has also served as a repetitor for GrossDanceCompany and Laleget Danza .

Faizah is a graduate from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba. And has done research for the Lectoraat Kunsteducatie of Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten on transcultural rhythmic dynamic approach in dance.

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