In the summer of 2016 Faizah travelled back to her island to give back to talents of Curacao.

In a amazing team carefully selected by Art Rules founders; Ira and Ayra Kip, the team of teachers worked 2 weeks intensively with super eager and passionate youngsters of Curacao. Faizah taught Dance.

“At Art Rules we offer Caribbean youth the opportunity to participate in a 2 week program to upgrade personal, artistic talent and skills. Always wanted to dive further into Theater, DJ-ing, or film making? Art Rules offers workshops in up to 8 different Art disciplines, each taught by professional Artists and Educators from around the world. Through lectures, talkbacks, screenings, presentations and masterclasses we train our students into young professionals and give them the tools to further pursue their personal aspirations.  At the end of the program students are given the opportunity to participate in a big final presentation in which they showcase what they have learned and created during the program. It’s the ultimate experience for personal development and an extraordinary opportunity to work with some of the best artists and educators in the world.”

Here a glimpse of what went on: