Speel Zing Dans

Speel Zing Dans is an interactive show where children sing, play and dance along with the dancers /actors Hani Andary / Quincy Ignacia, Annerie van Loenen and Faizah Grootens. Herman van Veen composed the music for this production.

The performances take place at the Herman van Veen Arts Center in the middle of the woods. Every month kids can have a wonderful relaxing time surrounded by nature. There are also be performances outside of the Patlz.

“When we speak, it’s only one person that can speak. But when, we sing and dance, we all sing and dance together “

 This is a production by Harlekijn Danstheater. For this production the new dance troup “Damadama” was born.

In collaboration with “Lot’s Foundation” Damadama has created workshops and shows for primary schools in which they spend a day with the youngsters, teaching and making them aware (in a playful way) about their Children’s Rights.

Trailer Speel Zing Dans:

For the list of the shows at the Paltz check the Herman van Veen Arts Center page: www.hermanvanveenartscenter.com

Damadama page: https://www.facebook.com/speelzingdans/

Link for the CD “Damadamadance”: http://www.hermanvanveen.com/voor-kinderen/nederlandstalig/damadamadance-cd.html