In April 2016 Faizah started dancing with GrossDanceCompany. She danced and toured Netherlands and Italy with “Blind Sight” by Sagi Gross and Jeroen Fransen.

​​Blind Sight is a metaphor for the impact of social and technological developments with human connections. The ability of humans to process certain vital and sometimes destructive information has fascinated creative duo ​Sagi Gross (choreographer) and Jeroen Fransen (multidisciplinary artist) for a long time. Since our brain uses multiple parallel roads, which are concealed within the confines of the body, Gross, Fransen and the dancers push their limits in this performance to find and reveal these boundaries.

In 2016 Faizah also served as a assistant and repetitor to Sagi Gross while he was creating “What do we know”. Later in 2017 she also danced in this choreography.

Trailer Blind Sight: