GUSH explores the concepts of barriers, both inner and physical, and raises questions about breaking through them.What is the effect on our personal development when we overcome the obstacles that surround us? Do we get swept along by the current of the group, or do we choose to carve our own path. GUSH is a search for a collective and future self. The characters struggle to always remain true to their true selves amid the tumultuous waters of existence.

Choreography: Faizah Grootens and Nicole Geertruida in collaboration with the dancers

Assistant: Laura Job

Dancers: Phebe van Bruggen, Ruby van Bruggen, Lana Crnogorčić, Nilah Dönszelmann, Raphaël Duchenne, Iris Donker, Magida Hammoud, Sanne Hannink, Iris Heising, Luisa Kamermans, Rosa Lugtenburg, Amel-che Parkinson, Luke Remmerswaal, Sabine Rietdijk, Stephanie Salimana, Belle van der Vlist, Lulu Verstegen

Music: Freerk Lenselink, David Granström, Kelman Duran, Christophe Zurfluh

Decor: Decoratelier Academy for Theatre and Dance

Costumes: Costume Studio Academy of Theatre and Dance

Pictures by Sjoerd Derine