Faizah played in 2011 in the show Alfred J Kwak – Vader. So she began her collaboration with Herman van Veen.

The world famous duck is over thirty years old and still very popular around the world. Spiritual father Herman van Veen presents the exciting new adventure, in which Alfred might be confronted with the greatest mystery of life … Harlekijn Holland presented in June and August 2011 in the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam and in 2012-2013 around theatres in Holland and Belgium. Starring Alfred’s wife Winnie Wana, played by the young Moroccan Dutch Senna Gourdou and Alfred, played by entertainer Max Douw.

Now in 2017 Faizah is still working with Herman van Veen. As a dancer, choreographer and since 2013 she is playing in “Kabouter Paltz en de Alvermannen” along side Barbara de Wit.

In 2015, Herman has given Faizah the chance to create a interactive energizing dance performance; Speel Zing Dans. You can read more about this in a separate project.

“Working with Herman van Veen is making me grow so much as a complete artist. He always creates such inspiring situations we all are drawn in”



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