Faizah has been working as a dancer with Maurice Causey since 2014

The first piece she danced by him was “Spasmodic”; A trio with the beautiful dancers Olive Lopez and Sedrig Verwoert. This collaboration made it clear that this is where her heart is. Collaborating on this speed and artistry is what she needed.

Late 2014 she danced a quartette choreographed by Maurice called “Intertwined”. She shared the stage with the amazing Aymeric Aude, Nika Jankovic and Anna Livia Kruidenier.

In 2015 she danced the solo “Slapdash”, which Maurice choreographed originally on Olive Lopez.

Later in 2015 she danced along side Aymeric Aude and Nika Jankovic again in a new trio by Maurice “Your guess is as good as mine”.

In 2017 was the first time she shared the stage with the man himself. Dancing along side Maurice Causey and Aymeric Aude in beautiful performance. “IMPROVISED TRIO”  was performed together with the Latvian Radio Chamber Choir at Koorbiennale 9 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Trailer Slapdash