In August 2019 Faizah created a new choreography for the Mexican dance company “Taller Coreográfico UNAM”, under the direction of Diego Vázquez. “No Matter What” premiered on the 6th of September at Sala Miguel Covarrubias in Mexico City and will be touring Mexico throughout this season.

Human migration produces an accumulation of emotions and unexpected desires within a person, however the migrant usually goes forward no matter what. “No Matter What” talks about nostalgic feelings, fear, reality check, disappointment and exclusion that a migrant can experience in a foreign country. But it also shows that there are moments of happiness, satisfaction of seeing wishes fulfilled or simply a hope for a better future.

Choreography: Faizah Grootens

Original music: Neldrick Martis

Company: Taller Coreográfico UNAM

Dancers: Ana Laura Barragán, Edith Carreón, Héctor León, Tonathiu Martínez, Nadia Ramón, Germán Pizano, Carla Robledo, Paulina Segura, Alfredo Tame and Fernando Ursuga

Light Design: Diego Vázquez

Costume Design: Faizah Grootens and Miguel Garabenta

Premiere: UNAM, 2019


Pictures by Mario DeLara