This summer the opportunity came for KIP Republic to be part of the phenomenal Amsterdam Museum exhibition “Refresh Amsterdam” offering space in the museum for necessary voices from the city to be seen. Ayra Kip came up with the idea to bring choreographer Faizah Grootens together with none other than Black Ice Lamar Manson. Together with David van Delden they created a short dance movie and this installation to present it. The film was made complete with the sound engineering by Jason Motet Hicks and production support from Şevval Kayhan, Felicia Curlingford, and Lamar Manson.

Skyscrapers act 1- belonging
Kip Republic presents Skin Deep, a short dance film with an original poem written and performed by Lamar “The Legendary Black Ice” Manson, and an interpretive dance choreographed and performed by Faizah Grootens. The film expresses the daily struggle of trying to turn the noise inside one’s head into music, screeching voices into a choir, the emotional clumsiness into dance, and the paradox of this repetitive loop, a continuous search for a sense of belonging. With this film KIP Republic premiers its first artistic project on mental health in the city: Skyscrapers. The orange gerberas were specifically chosen as symbols of joy and happiness, given that the flowers discolour over time.

Skin Deep was presented at the ScreenDance Miami Festival, Amsterdam Museum, Tropenmuseum and at the Solid-air Festival