Symphonic Cinema produces drama films with live classical music. The films are edited live in concert halls by filmdirector Lucas van Woerkum

Faizah’s first collaboration with Symphonic Cinema was on the film “Firebird”. Revé Terborg did the choreography for the film.

Firebird;  A magical realistic film, based on Stravinsky’s L’oiseau de Feu. After the death of his wife, Emperor Kashkei lives in solitude in his memories. In a deserted castle he’s being looked after by his enchanted servants. Kashkei’s neglected daughter can’t stand this situation and uses her magical powers to confront him with his past. The Firebird received five sell-out performances at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. The Film is currently touring concerthalls in Europe.

Faizah recently collaborated also on the film “Daphnis & Chloé”; Psychological drama set in our modern time based on Ravel’s famous composition Daphnis & Chloé. Under the influence of her digital self, Chloé loses herself in ostentation and lust that withholds her of experiencing real love. Choreography is also done by Revé Terborg.


Trailer Daphnis & Chloé:

Trailer Firebird: